Google’s 2012 Year in Review Includes Space Highlights

Even though this is a promotional video by Google, it is a great review of 2012, good and bad. And there’s a plethora of space-related events and people featured. Look for: Felix Baumgartner’s jump, SpaceX’s Dragon launch, the search for the Higgs Boson, space shuttles, Curiosity’s landing, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Ray Bradbury, the International Space Station, solar eclipse, and more.

As the Very Short List folks said, this video is “also an inspired reflection of our collective hopes, dreams, fears, and desires.”

3 Replies to “Google’s 2012 Year in Review Includes Space Highlights”

  1. The fact that they put arab spring events in that video as smth good is disgusting. Destabilizing a whole region, starting civil wars and killing thousands of people under a pretense of “democracy” makes for a good video, yah.

  2. Dude – the path to democracy is often nasty. It might even go through religion if that’s what people want. But it doesn’t go through military dictatorships, which is what these guys are getting rid off.

    The “stability” you miss was very unpleasant to those that were “stabilized”.

  3. In your comment, replace “arab spring events” with “American Revolutionary War” and see how it shakes out. Like meekGee said, the path to democracy is often a messy process, but the final results are what make the struggle, strife, and sacrifice worthwhile.

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