How Long is a Year on Venus?

Article Updated: 19 Jul , 2016

The length of year on Venus is 224.7 days. In other words, Venus only takes 62% of the time Earth takes to complete an orbit around the Sun. But one of the strangest things about Venus is that it’s actually rotating backwards on its axis compared to the other planets in the Solar System. And even stranger, a day on Venus is actually longer than a year on Venus.

A day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days. And this is longer than the 224.7 days it takes to orbit the Sun. If you could stand on the surface of Venus and actually see the Sun, you would see it rise in West, cross the sky in about 117 days and then set in the East.

Compare the Venus length of year to Mercury and Earth. Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit the Sun, while Earth takes 365.26 days to go around the Sun.

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