XMM-Newton Telescope

Galactic Black Hole Winds Blow Up to a Third the Speed of Light. The Impact on Their Galaxies is Impressive.

A new study by the SUper massive Black hole Winds in the x-rAYS (SUBWAYS) project explores the role of "space…

1 year ago

Brightest Gamma-ray Burst Shines Light on Milky Way Structure

The brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen in 2022 still puzzles astronomers.

1 year ago

A Magnetar Just Woke Up After Three Years of Silence

A new study by a team of over 200 international scientists has revealed how a magnetar - a special class…

6 years ago

An Aging Pulsar has Captured a new Companion, and it’s Spinning back up Again

An international team of scientists, relying on data from XMM-Newton, have discovered a slowly-rotating pulsar that is slowly speeding back…

7 years ago

Black Hole Bonanza! Dozens (Potentially) Found In Andromeda As Another Study Probes X-Rays

More than two DOZEN potential black holes have been found in the nearest galaxy to our own. As if that…

11 years ago

How Much Light Has The Universe Created Since the Big Bang?

The universe, most cosmologists tell us, began with a bang. At some point, the lights turned on. How much light…

11 years ago

New Image Shows Beautiful Violence in Centaurus A

[/caption] The mysterious galaxy Centaurus A is a great place to study the extreme processes that occur near super-massive black…

12 years ago

Supernova G350 Kicks Up Some X-Ray Dust

[/caption] Located some 14,700 light years from the Earth toward the center of our galaxy, a newly photographed supernova remnant…

12 years ago