X-ray astronomy

Astronomers Might Have Found a Planet in Another Galaxy

Not that long ago,, astronomers weren't sure that exoplanets even existed. Now we know that there are thousands of them…

1 month ago

Ions Surf Through Jupiter’s Magnetic Field, Triggering its Auroras

Auroras come in many shapes and sizes.¬† Jupiter is well known for its spectacular complement of bright polar lights, which…

5 months ago

Uranus X-Rays are Probably Reflected Sunlight, but There Could be Another Source as Well

X-rays offer a unique insight into the astronomical world.  Invisible to the naked eye, most commonly they are thought of…

8 months ago

One Type of Fast Radio Bursts… Solved?

A new study of x-ray bursts from a local magnetar confirms the origin of a fast radio burst.

9 months ago

If Dark Matter is Made of Sterile Neutrinos, a new Survey has Narrowed Down What to Look for

If dark matter is made of sterile neutrinos, it should emit a distinct signature of x-rays.

10 months ago

Even older red dwarf stars are pumping out a surprising amount of deadly radiation at their planets

Most of the potentially habitable exoplanets we've discovered orbit small red dwarf stars. Red dwarfs make up about 75% of…

1 year ago

M87’s Black Hole is Firing Out Jets that Travel 99% the Speed of Light

Can black holes be famous? If they can, then the one at the heart of the M87 galaxy qualifies. And…

2 years ago

A Single Wave, Bigger Than the Milky Way, is Rolling Through the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

A team of researchers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have spotted a wave of hot gas larger than the Milky…

5 years ago

Deepest X-ray Image Ever Made Contains Mysterious Explosion

Using data from the Chandra observatory, a team of researchers witnessed the most distant X-ray explosion ever observed, and are…

5 years ago

Nearby Galaxy Holds First Ultraluminous X-Ray Source that is a Pulsar

A research team led by Caltech astronomers of Pasadena California have discovered an¬†ultraluminous X-ray (ULX) source that is pulsating. Their…

7 years ago