Wolf-Rayet Stars

These Bizarre Concentric Rings in Space are Real, Not an Optical Illusion. New Data from JWST Explains What’s Happening

Back in August, an early release image from the James Webb Space Telescope revealed a bizarre sight: as many as…

4 months ago

A new Kind of Supernova has Been Discovered

A new supernova discovery shows that Wolf-Rayet stars explode after all.

1 year ago

Massive Triple Star System Creates this Bizarre Swirling Pinwheel of Dust. And it Could be the Site of a Gamma Ray Burst

An international team of astronomers recently located a triple star system in our galaxy that will someday unleash a massive…

4 years ago

Portrait Of NGC 5189: New Light On An Old Planetary Nebula

Stretching across three light years of space and located about 3,000 light years away in the direction of the constellation…

10 years ago

Stunning New Image of Wolf-Rayet Star and the Carina Nebula

[/caption] Massive stars live fast and die young. But they are also beautiful. This amazingly spectacular new image from ESO…

13 years ago

Extra-Galactic Whopper Black Hole Breaks Distance Record

[/caption] Not only is a newly found black huge, it also is the most far-away stellar-mass black hole ever detected.…

13 years ago