ULA Test Fires its New Vulcan Rocket

The United Launch Alliance took a major step with the first successful test firing of the Vulcan first stage.

1 year ago

Stunning Photos from Air, Space and Ground of the Atlas V GOES-T Launch

NASA and NOAA now have a sophisticated new weather satellite in space. The GOES-T satellite launched on the powerful United…

2 years ago

COVID-19 Treatments Require so Much Oxygen it Could Delay Rocket Launches

Supply chains have been wreaking havoc across the industrial world.  The complex web that holds the world’s economies together has…

3 years ago

Robotic Spiders to Explore the Moon? Yes, Please!

UK startup Spacebit is looking to democratize space with its Walking Rover mission, which will be the UK's first lunar…

5 years ago

Astrobotic is Going to Use a Vulcan Rocket For its Lunar Lander in 2021

The commercial delivery company Astriobiotic will be working with the ULA to send payloads to the Moon for NASA beginning…

5 years ago

SpaceX Matches ULA Single Year Launch Record with KoreaSat, Record Breaker On Tap: Photo/Video Gallery

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - With the stunningly beautiful Halloween eve liftoff of the commercial KoreaSat-5A telecomsat payload from the…

7 years ago

Superb Weather Forecast for SpaceX Halloween Eve Launch and Landing from Florida with 1st Korean Satellite: Watch Live

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - After seemingly endless bouts of damaging rain squalls and flooding, Florida is at last living…

7 years ago

October Launch Trifecta from Florida Cleared as SpaceX Conducts Static Fire Engine Test for Oct. 30 KoreaSat Liftoff

PLAYALINDA BEACH/KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - The path to an October launch trifecta from Florida’s Spaceport was cleared following SpaceX’s…

7 years ago

Covert NRO Satellite Fades into Capes Cloudy Night Skies Shrouded in Liftoff Secrecy: Gallery – As ULA Atlas Wins Landsat Launch

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL — As one Atlas rocket carrying a covert spy satellite for the U.S. National…

7 years ago

Clandestine Black Ops NRO Satellite Launches into the Black over Florida Spaceport Skies on ULA Atlas V on 5th Try

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL — A clandestine black ops satellite supporting US national defense launched into the black…

7 years ago