time travel

Thinking About Time Travel Helps Solve Problems in Physics

An experiment at Cambridge University shows how quantum entanglements can be harnessed to change past outcomes.

7 months ago

Time Travel, Without the Pesky Paradoxes

So you've built a time machine. What prevents you from creating a paradox that dooms us all?

4 years ago

Time Travel Into The Future Is Totally Possible

Believe it or not, time travel is possible. In fact, you're doing it right now. Every single second of every…

4 years ago

Can wormholes act like time machines?

Time travel into the past is a tricky thing. We know of no single law of physics that absolutely forbids…

4 years ago

Time Machine Tales

"Tell me what time is it?" asked the stranger on the street. A simple enough question that can be answered…

7 years ago

Internet Search Yields No Evidence of Time Travelers

You can find anything on the internet, right? A new study reveals, however, that you can’t find evidence of time…

10 years ago

Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, the World’s Most Prolific Time Traveler

Is time travel a fact or is it just science fiction? Thanks to time dilation and Einstein's theory of relativity,…

11 years ago

Beam Me Up, Obama: Conspiracy Theory Claims President Teleported to Mars

[/caption] Forget 2012 prophecies, Mayan calendars and lurking planets that go only by the name "X"... there's an even kookier…

12 years ago