Chris Hadfield Teams Up With to Try Food and Games in Space

We at Universe Today have been wondering, where did Chris Hadfield find the time to do all the great videos he put together during his five months on the International Space Station, all while his Expedition set records for the amount of scientific research performed? Now there’s even more. Hadfield teamed up with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, who now are part of the Tested crew, too, to produce three different videos about living in space; specifically about eating and what to do with any free time astronauts might have.

“Working with Adam and Jamie was fun!” Hadfield said via Twitter. “Mutual mustache appreciation.”

In the video above, Jamie and Adam learn about Chris Hadfield’s clever “space darts” invention, and propose a new game for Hadfield to test while he’s on orbit. Spoiler: duct tape is involved.

Below are two videos dealing with food in space:
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