Stellar Age

Astronomers Have a New Trick to Work out the Age of Stars

Determining the age of a star is surprisingly tricky and has wide error bars. It's only inside star clusters that…

7 months ago

How Old is That Star? Ask a Computer

A new machine learning technique could make it much easier to estimate the age of stellar populations.

8 months ago

A White Dwarf is Starting to Crystallize into Diamond

White dwarfs are the stellar remnants of stars like our Sun. They're strange objects, and astrophysicists think their cores can…

9 months ago

A New Technique to Figure Out How Old Stars Are

Our understanding of the universe, and of the Milky Way, is built on an edifice of individual pieces of knowledge,…

5 years ago

A Protostar’s Age Gleaned Only From Sound Waves

Precisely dating a star can have important consequences for understanding stellar evolution and any circling exoplanets. But it’s one of…

10 years ago