Stellar Age

Roman Will Learn the Ages of Hundreds of Thousands of Stars

Astronomers routinely provide the ages of the stars they study. But the methods of measuring ages aren't 100% accurate. Measuring…

3 months ago

Astronomers Have a New Trick to Work out the Age of Stars

Determining the age of a star is surprisingly tricky and has wide error bars. It's only inside star clusters that…

11 months ago

How Old is That Star? Ask a Computer

A new machine learning technique could make it much easier to estimate the age of stellar populations.

11 months ago

A White Dwarf is Starting to Crystallize into Diamond

White dwarfs are the stellar remnants of stars like our Sun. They're strange objects, and astrophysicists think their cores can…

1 year ago

A New Technique to Figure Out How Old Stars Are

Our understanding of the universe, and of the Milky Way, is built on an edifice of individual pieces of knowledge,…

5 years ago

A Protostar’s Age Gleaned Only From Sound Waves

Precisely dating a star can have important consequences for understanding stellar evolution and any circling exoplanets. But it’s one of…

10 years ago