Starlinks Can Produce Surprisingly Bright Flares to Pilots

How can sunlight reflecting off SpaceX’s Starlink satellites interfere with ground-based operations? This is what a recently submitted study hopes…

3 hours ago

Starlink on Mars? NASA Is Paying SpaceX to Look Into the Idea

NASA has given the go-ahead for SpaceX to work out a plan to adapt its Starlink broadband internet satellites for…

3 weeks ago

Watch a Real-Time Map of Starlinks Orbiting Earth

In an effort to enhance the educational outreach of their Starlink constellation, there is an interactive global map of their…

2 months ago

Satellites Make up to 80,000 Flashing Glints Per Hour. It's a Big Problem for Astronomers

Telescopes searching for brief flashes like supernovae and asteroids have to contend with a rising number of glints from satellites.…

7 months ago

Starlinks are Easily Detected by Radio Telescopes

Visible and infrared astronomers are concerned about light pollution from satellite megaconstellations, and radio astronomers should be concerned too. A…

8 months ago

China Has Begun Launching its Own Satellite Internet Network

China just launched the first in a series of broadband internet satellites, which could lead to another mega-constellation.

11 months ago

Astronomers Map out the Radio Waves Coming From Large Satellite Constellations

You've heard that satellite constellations like Starlink are a problem for astronomers and their telescopes. Because the satellites are communicating…

11 months ago

Hubble’s Orbit Has Dropped So Far that Starlink Satellites are Photobombing its Images

Astronomy is poised for another leap. In the next several years, major ground-based telescopes will come online, including the Extremely…

1 year ago

Many of the World’s Greatest Observatories Suffer from Some Light Pollution

In a recent study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers examined…

1 year ago

BlueWalker-3 Unfolds, Brightens One-Hundredfold

After months of waiting, we’re getting our first good looks at a fully deployed BlueWalker-3 this coming weekend.

2 years ago