Spiral Arms

Feast Your Eyes on 19 Face-On Spiral Galaxies Seen by Webb

If you're fascinated by Nature, these images of spiral galaxies won't help you escape your fascination. These images show incredible…

4 months ago

A Planet has Whipped Up Spiral Arms Around a Young Star

Astronomers have observed dozens of newly forming stars surrounded by protoplanetary disks. Some look like grooved vinyl records, while others…

11 months ago

What Does the Milky Way Look Like?

A team from the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) has revealed a new picture of the Milky Way's morphology.

1 year ago

A Star has Grown Spiral Arms

Astronomers using the ALMA Observatory have discovered an unusual, massive star near the center of our galaxy, a star that…

2 years ago

Planets Have Just Started to Form in This Binary System

Astronomers have watched the young binary star system SVS 13 for decades. Astronomers don't know much about how planets form…

2 years ago

Hubble Sees a Galaxy With Spiral Arms, Surrounded by Other Spiral Arms

After 30 years, Hubble is still providing us with breathtaking images - like this one of NGC 2273, a spiral…

4 years ago

How Spiral Galaxies Get Their Shape

Spiral galaxies are an iconic form. They're used in product logos and all sorts of other places. We even live…

4 years ago

Wrapping Around The Mystery Of Spiral Galaxy Arms

How disk galaxies form their spiral arms have been puzzling astrophysicists for almost as long as they have been observing…

11 years ago