Space Weather

Scientists are much better at predicting when the Sun is going to become more active

The sun constantly cycles between periods of activity and periods of inactivity, and a new technique allows scientists to better…

5 months ago

Solar Orbiter is Already Starting to Observe the Sun

The ESA's Solar Orbiter, which took to space over earlier this month, recently sent back its first batch of data…

8 months ago

Destructive Super Solar Storms Hit Us Every 25 Years Or So

Solar storms powerful enough to wreak havoc on electronic equipment strike Earth every 25 years, according to a new study.…

9 months ago

Watch the Sun to Know When We’re Going to Have Killer Auroras

Scientists are getting better at predicting colorful auroras here on Earth by closely watching the behavior of the Sun.

3 years ago

22 Years Of The Sun From Soho

SOHO is celebrating a huge milestone, and one it was never intended to meet: it has now observed one complete,…

3 years ago

What Was the Carrington Event?

In 1859, the Sun gave off the most powerful solar flare on record. A blast of radiation and particles so…

4 years ago

Sunset Saturday Blastoff of GOES-R Set to Deliver Quantum Leap in Weather Forecasting on Nov. 19 – Watch Live

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - From both the technical and weather standpoint, the outlook is outstanding for Saturdays sunset blastoff…

4 years ago

A Dark Region Is Growing Eerily On The Sun’s Surface

Images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory have spotted a growing dark region called a coronal hole, which is the cause…

4 years ago