South Africa

Construction Begins on the Square Kilometer Array

At twin ground-breaking ceremonies today in South Africa and Australia, project leaders formally marked the start of construction on what…

2 years ago

The Space Court Foundation Presents: “Women of Color in Space”

The Space Court Foundation has launched a new series titled Women of Color in Space! Their first interview with Ruvimbo…

3 years ago

Ep. 533: Indigenous South African Astronomy

Let's move to another continent this week, and look at the astronomy that was going on in southern Africa in…

5 years ago

Watch this Chilling Animation of Capetown’s Water Disappearing

A new animation released by NASA's Earth Observatory illustrates how ongoing drought is diminishing Cape Town's water supply.

6 years ago

Africa’s First Mission to the Moon Announced

Africa is home to 7 out of 10 of the world's fastest-growing economies. It's population is also the "youngest" in…

10 years ago

Incredible View: Camping Under the Milky Way

During the summer months, many of us hit the trails and do a little camping. But how often do you…

10 years ago