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Astronauts Took A Fly-around of the International Space Station. Here are Their Stunning Pictures

When astronauts left the International Space Station in early November to return home on the Crew Dragon Endeavour, they took…

2 years ago

Space Station Trio Touches Down on Earth as NASA’s Next Cargo Ship Targets Apr. 18 Blastoff

Comings and goings continue apace on the International Space Station! After living and working fruitfully for six months in space…

7 years ago

SpaceX Dragon Arrives at Space Station with Tons of Earth and Human Science Experiments

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - A SpaceX Dragon supply ship jam packed with more than 2.5 tons of critical science…

7 years ago

31 Years After Disaster, Challenger Soccer Ball Finally Gets To Orbit

A soccer ball on the ISS pays tribute to the seven astronauts who died in the Challenger disaster.

7 years ago

Merry Christmas From Space 2016

As we celebrate the Christmas tidings of 2016 here on Earth, a lucky multinational crew of astronauts and cosmonauts celebrate…

7 years ago

Why Spacewalking Is All About The Hands

Think about your typical construction worker -- there's a lot of reaching, bending, stretching, lifting. How do you accomplish those…

11 years ago