You Can Actually See the Milky Way’s Wave When You Map Its Stars

Spiral galaxies are one of the most commonly known types of galaxy.  Most people think of them as large round…

5 months ago

The Average Temperature of the Universe has Been Getting Hotter and Hotter

A recent study by an international team of scientists shows that the Universe is getting hotter (not cooler) with time!

7 months ago

The Most Comprehensive 3D Map of Galaxies Has Been Released

Using the largest survey ever conducted, a team of astronomers from the IfA have created the largest 3D catalog of…

8 months ago

Take a Flight Through the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Universe Ever Made

Once I accidentally took a photo of one of the most important stars in the Universe... Andromeda Galaxy imaged at…

11 months ago

Has a New Dwarf Galaxy Been Found Hiding Behind Andromeda?

Thanks to the work of an amateur astronomer, an international team of scientists recently confirmed the existence of a previously-unknown…

3 years ago

Scientist Find Treasure Trove of Giant Black Hole Pairs

In two new studies by international teams of astrophysicists, a wealth of merging black hole pairs have been discovered, which…

4 years ago

Ancient Impacts Shaped the Structure of the Milky Way

According to a new study using data from the SDSS, ripples in the Milky Way's disk may be indications of…

4 years ago

Could Garnet Planets be Habitable?

A study presented at the 229th Meeting of the AAS examines how the composition of stars can produce very different…

4 years ago

Hearing the Early Universe’s Scream: Sloan Survey Announces New Findings

Imagine a single mission that would allow you to explore the Milky Way and beyond, investigating cosmic chemistry, hunting planets, mapping galactic…

6 years ago

Galactic Gong – Milky Way Struck and Still Ringing After 100 Million Years

When galaxies collide, stars are thrown from orbits, spiral arms are stretched and twisted, and now scientists say galaxies ring…

9 years ago