rogue planet

TESS Finds its First Rogue Planet

Well over 5,000 planets have been found orbiting other star systems. One of the satellites hunting for them is TESS,…

2 months ago

What’s the Source of Binary Rogue Planets?

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is already making great strides in helping us to unravel the mysteries of the…

6 months ago

Hundreds of Free-Floating Planets Found in the Orion Nebula

It appears that rogue planets – free floating worlds that aren’t gravitationally bound to a parent star – might be…

9 months ago

There Could be Trillions of Rogue Planets Wandering the Milky Way

A pair of new studies set to be published in The Astronomical Journal examine new discoveries in the field of…

11 months ago

Massive Planet Gone Rogue Discovered

A massive rogue planet has been discovered in the Beta Pictoris moving group.

8 years ago