reusable rockets

ESA is Working on its own Reusable Booster Stage

As part of their Themis Program, the ESA is developing reusable rocket technology.

3 months ago

Rocket Lab was Able to Catch Falling Inert Rocket Stage With a Helicopter, Continuing Their Path to Reusability

Just prior to the isolation order, commercial launch provider Rocket Lab conducted a successful mid-air recovery of a test stage,…

12 months ago

A Private Company in China Plans to Launch Reusable Rockets by 2021

A Chinese company is planning to launch a rocket with a reusable booster in 2021. The company is called i-Space,…

1 year ago

Rocket Lab is Going to try to Re-use its First Stage Booster, Catching it in Mid-air With a Helicopter

CEO Peter Beck of Rocket Lab recently announced that his company will begin retrieving the first stage of its Electron…

2 years ago

SpaceX Does it Again with Second Retrieval of Falcon Heavy Rocket

This week, SpaceX conducted the first commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy (and second launch overall) and managed to bring…

2 years ago

Blue Origin will be Landing its Rockets on a Used Cargo Ship. It’ll Get Converted in Time for First Flights in 2021

Blue Origin recently received a large cargo ship, which they will retool to retrieve the first stage of their reusable…

2 years ago

Exos Aerospace Completes Successful Launch Test of Their SARGE Rocket

The commercial launch provider Exos aerospace successfully completed its launch test, pushing the company closer to providing greater access to…

2 years ago

Engineers Propose a Rocket that Consumes Itself as it Flies to Space

A team of engineers from the University of Glasgow and the Ukraine have proposed a self-eating rocket as a way…

3 years ago

China is Working on Their Own Reusable Rocket: the First Stage of the Long March-8, Which Could Launch in 2021

At a recent space conference in China, the Chinese space agency recently indicated that the Long March 8 rocket will…

3 years ago

Jeff Bezos Says The New Shepard Will Soar Next on Sunday. Here’s How to Watch It Live.

The 8th test flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket - a major step towards the development of space tourism…

3 years ago