New Answers for Mars’ Methane Mystery

Planetary scientists perk up whenever methane is mentioned. Methane is produced by living things on Earth, so it's considered to…

1 month ago

There are Four Ways to Build with Regolith on the Moon

Over the last few years I have been renovating my home. Building on Earth seems to be a fairly well…

2 months ago

What Could We Build With Lunar Regolith?

It has often been likened to talcum powder. The ultra fine lunar surface material known as the regolith is crushed…

2 months ago

Chickpeas Grown in Lunar Regolith Are Stressed but Reach Maturity

A recent preprint investigates how chickpeas have been successfully grown in lunar regolith simulants (LRS), marking the first time such…

4 months ago

Some Lunar Regolith is Better for Living Off the Land on the Moon

In a recent study, a geology professor developed a classification scheme for lunar regolith that could inform everything from base…

9 months ago

Airbus Developed a System To Extract Oxygen and Metal From Lunar Regolith

New technologies utilizing material found in space are constantly popping up, sometimes from smaller companies and sometimes from larger ones.…

1 year ago

ESA Wants Your Ideas for Living off the Land… on the Moon

Challenges have been a mainstay of space exploration for several years at this point. In the past, they have ranged…

1 year ago

Researchers Make Rocket Fuel Using Actual Regolith From the Moon

In-situ resource utilization is a hot topic these days in space exploration circles, and scientists and engineers have had a…

2 years ago

The First Crops on Mars Should be Alfalfa and Cyanobacteria. Then Comes Tastier Plants

Mark Watney can keep his potatoes. Real astronauts should grow alfalfa. (more…)

2 years ago

China’s Rover Finds That Regolith on the Moon’s far-Side is Stickier Than the Near-Side

We’re never able to see the far side of the moon from the Earth, but that doesn’t mean it's that…

2 years ago