Watch a Satellite Reaction Wheel Melt in a Simulated Orbital Re-Entry

Most satellites share the same fate at the end of their lives. Their orbits decay, and eventually, they plunge through…

2 months ago

China is Trying to Stop its Boosters From Randomly Crashing Into Villages

China has developed a new parachute system that they hope will help prevent uncontrolled reentries and crashes.

1 year ago

Lights in the Sky: Meteors, Reentry, or E.T.?

A guide to identifying strange lights in the sky.

8 years ago

Flaming Space Junk Makes Jaws Drop in Australia

"It first looked like a plane with fire coming out of the tail." -- Aaron O. "I have never seen…

10 years ago

Did a Piece of Mir Really Land in Massachusetts?

We love a good space debris mystery. Hey, who doesn't, right?  Regular readers of Universe Today know that it’s a…

11 years ago