NASA Earth Observatory

Gaze Down Into the eye of Hurricane Ian, Seen From Orbit

NASA and NOAA satellites -- as well as astronauts on the ISS -- captured some stunning imagery of Hurricane Ian,…

2 years ago

After British Columbia’s Record-Breaking Heatwave, Here Come the Wildfires

NASA just released a series of satellite images that show the wildfires currently raging in British Columbia's interior.

3 years ago

Dust Seen Streaming Out of Namibia Into the Atlantic Ocean

Landsat 8 strikes again. Landsat 8 is the United States Geological Survey's most recently launched satellite, and it holds the…

4 years ago

This is What the World Would Look Like if the Oceans Dried Up

Don't worry. The oceans aren't going to dry up. At least not any time soon, so no need to add…

4 years ago

This is Ice in Antarctica, Flowing in Slow Motion Like Water Going Through River Rapids

As part of their ninth year monitoring the Antarctic peninsula, Operation IceBridge recently flew above the ice sheet and took…

6 years ago

Having a Rough Winter? Here it is … From Space

Yes, its been a snowy, icy winter in parts of the US, Canada and Europe and these satellite images look…

9 years ago