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Two of Neptune’s Moons Dance Around Each Other as they Orbit

Like a long-married couple accustomed to each other's kitchen habits, two of Neptune's moons are masters at sharing space without…

2 months ago

The Planet Neptune

Neptune is the eight planet from our Sun and one of the four gas giants, as well as being the…

4 years ago

How Many Moons Does Neptune Have?

Around the distant gas (and ice) giant Neptune lies an impressive system of moons, which we have known about only…

4 years ago

A Tale of a Lost Moon: Hubble Spies Neptune’s Moons and Its Rings

"That's no moon..." -B. Kenobi But in this case, it is... a lost moon of Neptune not seen since its…

6 years ago


[/caption] Naiad is one of the 13 moons of Neptune. Neptune was not discovered until 1989 through studying photos taken…

10 years ago