MIRI Instrument

JWST’s MIRI Instrument is Having Problems Again

Last week, NASA shared a blog post saying they detected a sensor glitch associated with the James Webb Space Telescope’s…

1 month ago

Galaxies Aren’t Just Stars. They’re Intricate Networks of Gas and Dust

Astronomers have studied the star formation process for decades. As we get more and more capable telescopes, the intricate details…

4 months ago

JWST Unexpectedly Finds a Small Asteroid During ‘Failed’ Observations

While astronomers and engineers were trying to calibrate one of the James Webb Space Telescope’s instruments last summer, they serendipitously…

4 months ago

Woohoo! JWST's Mid-Infrared Instrument is Fully Operational Again

Engineers with the James Webb Space Telescope have figured out a way to work around a friction issue that arose…

7 months ago

A New Image From Webb Shows Galaxy NGC 1365, Known to Have an Actively Feeding Supermassive Black Hole

A new James Webb image shows the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy in stunning detail!

10 months ago

Brrr. Webb’s MIRI has Reached 6.4 Kelvin, Just a few Degrees Above Absolute Zero

The latest update on the James Webb Space Telescope literally sent a shiver down my spine! The telescope’s Mid-Infrared Instrument…

1 year ago

It’s Been Three Months in Deep Space, and Webb’s Mid-Infrared Instrument is Still Cooling Down

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to cool down out at its location at Lagrange Point 2, about 1.5 million…

1 year ago

Meet MIRI, Infrared Camera for Webb Telescope

Our friend Will Gater from the BBC's Sky At Night Magazine had the chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour of…

11 years ago