A Meteorite Recently Crashed Into Australia. A Drone Scoured the Area and Found it

Drones have become more and more ubiquitous in recent years.  From recently discovering the Endurance to participating in wars, drones…

7 months ago

Supercomputer Simulates What Happens When Meteors Strike the Atmosphere

In space, it’s almost always raining dust. Most of that dust is so small a microscope would have a hard…

11 months ago

3,600 Years ago, a 50-Meter-Wide Meteor Exploded in the Sky and Destroyed a City Near the Dead Sea

An archeological dig has uncovered evidence of a massive cosmic airburst event approximately 3,600 years ago that destroyed an entire…

1 year ago

The Tears of the Hero: Get Ready for the 2021 Perseid Meteors

A sure-fire summer shower, the Perseid meteors are set to put on a spectacular show this year.

1 year ago

Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth’s Atmosphere

Here’s something we don’t see very often: an Earth-grazing meteoroid. On September 22, 2020, a small space rock skipped through…

2 years ago

Completely Harmless Asteroid Almost Certainly Won’t Hit Earth Just Before the US Election

In a year of devastating wildfires, destructive derechos, early and active hurricanes, widespread social unrest, contentious politics and more --…

2 years ago

There Could be Meteors Traveling at a Fraction of the Speed of Light When They Hit the Atmosphere

According to a new study by a pair of Harvard astrophysicists, it is possible that meteors traveling close to the…

3 years ago

Bright Fireball Explodes Over Ontario, Meteorite Fragments Might Have Reached the Ground

A meteorite recently was spotted in the Great Lakes region and could have left fragments in the area around Bancroft,…

3 years ago

As Meteorites Slice Through the Atmosphere, They’re Sculpted Into Cones

A new study reveals why many meteors, when they enter Earth's atmosphere, become cone-shaped as they heat up.

3 years ago

470 Million Year Old Meteorite Discovered In Swedish Quarry

A fossilized meteorite from a quarry in Sweden is a new type of space rock that's different from other meteors.

6 years ago