mars sample return

Perseverance has Collected its First Sample of Mars and Prepared it for Return to Earth… Eventually

It's another first for NASA. In early September, the Perseverance rover successfully used its robotic arm and drill to drill…

2 months ago

Perseverance has Started Driving on Mars

The Perservance rover has commenced science operations on Mars, which includes driving across the red sandy surface of Jezero Crater

9 months ago

Water Shaped Features on Mars Much Earlier Than Previously Believed

According to a new study, the Perseverance rover could find evidence in Jezero that will allow scientists to reconstruct the…

10 months ago

Bringing Mars To Earth. The Plans For a Mars Sample Return Mission

One of the great accomplishments of the Apollo missions was to bring home hundreds of kilograms of lunar rock. Suddenly,…

2 years ago

How Will NASA and ESA Handle Mars Samples When They Get Them Back to Earth?

We've learned a lot about Mars in recent years. Multiple orbiters and hugely-successful rover missions have delivered a cascade of…

3 years ago

Samples From Mars Could Hitch A Ride To Earth In This Box

Could this be as surprising as Forrest Gump's box of chocolates? What you're looking at here is a container that…

8 years ago

Curiosity Gets a Sister – What Should She Do ? Scientists Speak

Image caption: Seeing Double - Future Martian Sisters. NASA just announced plans to build and launch a new Mars science…

9 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 27, 2012

This was an action-packed episode of the Weekly Space Hangout. Lots of stories, very little time. Super Comet or Super…

9 years ago