Mars Dust Storms

Dust Devils and Strong Winds Produce the Constant Haze on Mars

Dust is an everyday feature on Mars and wreaks havoc on various pieces of equipment humans decide to send to…

2 months ago

Bad Weather Postpones Ingenuity’s 19th Flight on Mars

The first flight of 2022 for the Ingenuity Helicopter has been delayed due to a regional dust storm on Mars.…

7 months ago

Amazing View of How Dust Storms Grow on Mars

In 2018, Mars experienced one of its global dust storms, a phenomenon seen nowhere else. As science would have it,…

2 years ago

Mars Has Auroras Too, We Just Can’t See Them

Our eyes can't see them, but Martian auroras are there, and more commonplace than we once thought. The Martian auroras…

3 years ago

Mars’ North Pole is Doing the Dust Storms Thing Again

It's easy to take for granted the detailed, almost real-time knowledge of Mars that we have at our fingertips. After…

3 years ago

NASA Spots Opportunity as the Dust Storm Clears. Still No Word From Her Though

With the recent Martian dust storm clearing, NASA managed to spot the Opportunity rover on the surface, though communications have…

4 years ago

As the Martian Dust Storm Subsides, There’s Still No Word From Opportunity

The Martian dust storm that has been raging for months finally appears to be subsiding, though it will still be…

4 years ago

This Stunning Photo Shows the Martian Dust Storm as it was Just Getting Going

The ESA recently released stunning photos of a Martian storm front, which were acquired by the Mars Express orbiter in…

4 years ago

A Powerful Dust Storm Has Darkened the Skies Over Opportunity on Mars

A massive Martian dust storm has settled in over the Opportunity rover's location in the Perseverance Valley, which could pose…

4 years ago

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Withstands Another Harsh Winter on Mars

Having survived its eight winter in a row, the Opportunity rover continues to operate long past its original, anticipated lifespan.

5 years ago