mars colony

Fish Could Turn Regolith into Fertile Soil on Mars

What a wonderful arguably simple solution. Here’s the problem, we travel to Mars but how do we feed ourselves? Sure…

4 weeks ago

What’s the Bare Minimum Number of People for a Mars Habitat?

A recent preprint paper examines the minimum number of people required to maintain a feasible settlement on Mars while accounting…

10 months ago

A Mars Colony Could be a Hydrogen Factory, Providing Propellant for the Inner Solar System

There are lots of potential uses for a Mars colony.  It could be a research outpost, mining colony, or even…

3 years ago

Here’s the Best Place for Explorers to Harvest Martian Ice

Water ice, especially any located in the sub-surface, has long been a focal point of Mars exploration efforts. Reasons abound…

3 years ago

The Bare Minimum Number of Martian Settlers? 110

So you want to colonize Mars, huh? Well Mars is a long ways away, and in order for a colony…

4 years ago

Mars One, the Plan to Make a Reality Show on Mars, is Bankrupt

According to multiple sources, Mars One - the organization intent on crowdsourcing the colonization of Mars - is apparently bankrupt.

5 years ago

Musk Gives an Update on When a Mars Colony Could be Built

In a recent tweet, SpaceX founder Elon Musk indicated that his company may be able to build a Martian colony…

6 years ago

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

We know trips in space will take a long time. Can we go to sleep for the journey and then…

7 years ago

Can We Own Space? Buying Your Own Piece of the High Frontier

Owning land here on Earth is nice and legal. But what about a plot of land on the Moon or…

7 years ago

United Arab Emirates Has a Plan to Colonize Mars with 600,000 People in 100 Years

During the 5th World Government Summit, the United Arab Emirates announced a bold plan to build a permanent settlement on…

7 years ago