Mars Colonization

What’s the Bare Minimum Number of People for a Mars Habitat?

A recent preprint paper examines the minimum number of people required to maintain a feasible settlement on Mars while accounting…

6 months ago

This is why Martian Colonists are Going to Wish They had an Atmosphere Above Them

There will be all sorts of risks for any future colonists on Mars, such as extreme weather and temperatures, radiation,…

3 years ago

Behold! The Martian Menu, Courtesy of Mars City Design!

Every year since 2012, Mars City Design hosts the Mars Feast Gala, where talented chefs create tantalizing entrees based on…

4 years ago

What Will It Take To Feed A Million People On Mars?

In 2017, Elon Musk laid out his grand sweeping plans for the future of SpaceX, the company that would take…

4 years ago

SpaceX & NASA Studying 2020 Landing Sites For Dragon

SpaceX and NASA have identified 4 possible locations for the first Dragon journey to Mars in 2020.

7 years ago

SpaceX Announces Plan to Launch Private Dragon Mission to Mars in 2018

SpaceX announced plans today, April 27, for the first ever private mission to Mars which involves sending an uncrewed version…

8 years ago

Book Review and Giveaway: “How We’ll Live on Mars”

Every great adventure begins with a dream. Explorers look into the unknown and set a course for discovery. Many years…

9 years ago

Elon Musk and the SpaceX Odyssey: the Path from Falcon 9 to Mars Colonization Transporter

In Kubrick’s and Clark’s 2001 Space Odyssey, there was no question of “Boots or Bots”[ref]. The monolith had been left…

9 years ago