magnetic field

Astronomers Measure a 1-billion Tesla Magnetic Field on the Surface of a Neutron Star

We recently observed the strongest magnetic field ever recorded in the Universe. The record-breaking field was discovered at the surface…

1 week ago

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Changing Surprisingly Quickly

The Earth's magnetic North pole has been moving awfully fast in recent years. But there's nothing to worry about.

3 months ago

Magnetic north is migrating towards Siberia. Here’s why

The North Pole ain't what it used to be. Well, the geographic North Pole stays fixed over time (mostly because…

4 months ago

Magnetic Fields Around Mars InSight are 10x Stronger than Scientists Expected

Data from the first year of the InSight mission has just been released, and its revealing some unexpected things about…

7 months ago

The Moon’s Magnetosphere Used to be Twice as Strong as the Earth’s

A new MIT-led study has shown how the Moon once had a more powerful magnetic field than Earth and why…

9 months ago

Earth and Venus are the Same Size, so Why Doesn’t Venus Have a Magnetosphere? Maybe it Didn’t Get Smashed Hard Enough

A new study lays out why Venus doiesn't have a magnetic field like Earth's. Basically, it may come down to…

3 years ago

New Study Says Moon’s Magnetic Field Existed 1 Billion Years Longer Than We Thought

A new study by researchers from MIT has cast doubt on when the Moon lost its magnetic field, indicating that…

3 years ago

Bad News For Proxima b: An Earth-Like Atmosphere Might Not Survive There

A new study led by researchers from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center indicates that Proxima b would be likely to…

3 years ago

Flying Into the Sun? NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission

NASA is planning a mission to get as close as possible as we can to the Sun and reveal its…

3 years ago

Dynamo At Moon’s Heart Once Powered Magnetic Field Equal To Earth’s

A new study produced by the ARES division provides an explanation for how the Moon was able to generate its…

3 years ago