life on mars

We Need to Consider Conservation Efforts on Mars

Astrobiology is the field of science that studies the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the Universe. In…

1 week ago

Search for Life on Mars Could Level-Up with MARSE Mission Concept

A recent study presented at the 55th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) discusses the Mars Astrobiology, Resource, and Science…

2 months ago

NASA Selects New Technology to Help Search for Life on Mars

The day when human beings finally set foot on Mars is rapidly approaching. Right now, NASA, the China National Space…

4 months ago

ESA Has a Difficult Choice: Study Mars, Earth's Magnetosphere, or Gamma-Ray Bursts

The ESA Science Programme has narrowed down the possibilities for its next M-class mission to three concepts.

6 months ago

Ancient Cracked Mud Found on Mars

A recent study published in Nature examines how mud cracks observed on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover could provide insight…

9 months ago

Olympus Could Have Been a Giant Volcanic Island in an Ancient Martian Ocean

New research shows that Mars' Olympus Mons may have once been a volcanic island surrounding by ocean.

10 months ago

Perseverance Finds a Wealth of Organic Materials on Mars

The search for life on Mars has been a long a confusing one. Inconclusive experiments abound, but one thing is…

10 months ago

Life Probably Didn't Have a Hand in Creating Organic Deposits on the Surface of Mars

Using data from the ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), new research shows that organic material on Mars may not be…

1 year ago

Our Best Instruments Couldn’t Find Life on Mars

The planet Mars is arguably the most extensively studied planetary body in the entire Solar System, which began with telescopic…

1 year ago

Mars Once had Enough Water for a Planet-Wide Ocean 300 Meters Deep

New research has shown that Mars may have been covered in a worldwide ocean when Earth was still covered in…

1 year ago