New Receiver Will Boost Interplanetary Communication

As we explore the solar system, we'll need an interplanetary communication network that can keep up. A new receiver might…

1 month ago

This Laser Powered Rover Could Stay in the Shadows on the Moon and Continue to Explore

The craters on the Moon's poles are in permanent shadow. But they're also intriguing locations, due to deposits of water…

6 months ago

The Ant Nebula Actually has Intense Laser Emissions Coming From its Core

A team of astronomers, using the Herschel Observatory, recently observed a series of laser emissions coming from the ant nebula.

3 years ago

China Has a Plan to Clean Up Space Junk with Lasers

A new study by a team of Chinese researchers considers whether a space-based laser station would be a good way…

3 years ago

Team Creates Negative Effective Mass In The Lab

A research team from WSU has created, for the first time under laboratory conditions, a fluid that behaves as if…

4 years ago

How Can We Save The Sun?

Bad news, our Sun is living on borrowed time. It’s only got a few billion years left. But there might…

4 years ago

Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens?

With all the attention Breakthrough Starshot has been getting some are wondering if Alpha Cantauri is the best place to…

5 years ago

Don’t Want Aliens Dropping By? Engage Laser Cloaking Device

Powerful arrays of lasers could hide our presence from the prying eyes of aliens.

5 years ago

Do We Really Need Rockets to Go to Space?

We're familiar with rockets, those controlled explosions that carry cargo and fragile humans to space. But are there some non-rocket…

5 years ago

The Challenges of Lasers in Space

Since the beginning of the space age, radio waves have been used for communication with spacecraft. But last month, NASA's…

7 years ago