jupiter opposition

Jupiter at Opposition 2022, Closest in 59 Years

Be sure to observe Jupiter this week, during its finest apparition of a lifetime.

2 years ago

Dawn Patrol: Jupiter and Saturn at Opposition 2020

Missing the planets in the first half of 2020? That’s all about to change, as the gas giants Jupiter and…

4 years ago

Is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Vanishing as We Near Opposition 2019?

Jupiter observation season is neigh, and with it, the largest planet in our solar system is as mysterious as ever.

5 years ago

By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition for 2018

It's a question I've fielded lots this weekend leading up to last night's April Pink Full Moon, and one I…

6 years ago

By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition 2017

Been missing the evening planets? Currently, Saturn and Venus rule the dawn, and Mars is sinking into the dusk as…

7 years ago

Double Shadow Transit Season for the Jovian Moons Begins

Opposition season 2016 for Jupiter kicks off with a great series of double shadow transits of the Galilean Moons.

8 years ago

By Jove: Jupiter Reaches Opposition on February 6th

Did you see the brilliant Full Snow Moon rising last night? Then you might’ve also noticed a bright nearby ‘star’.…

9 years ago

Watch: An Amazing, Mesmerizing Full Rotation of Jupiter

Jupiter is a happening place in the solar system. While bashful Mars only puts on a good show once every…

10 years ago

‘Tis the Season to Spot Jupiter: A Guide to the 2014 Opposition

Lovers of planetary action rejoice; the king of the planets is returning to the evening skies. One of the very…

10 years ago