Juno Reveals Secrets About Europa’s Icy Surface

Europa has always held a fascination to me. I think it’s the concept of a world with a sub-surface ocean…

4 weeks ago

New Photos Show Jupiter’s Tiny Moon Amalthea

NASA’s Juno spacecraft spies a tiny inner moon of Jupiter, Amalthea.

4 weeks ago

Juno Measures How Much Oxygen is Being Produced by Europa

If the periodic table listed the elements in order of their importance to life, then oxygen might bully its way…

3 months ago

NASA’s Juno Probe Makes Another Close Flyby of Io

The Juno spacecraft has revealed some fascinating things about Jupiter since it began exploring the system on July 4th, 2016.…

4 months ago

Juno Spots Salts and Organic Molecules on Ganymede’s Surface

During its last flyby of Ganymede, the Juno probe reported finding traces of mineral salts and organic molecules on its…

7 months ago

The Favorite Solar System Moons of Planetary Geologists; An In-Depth Discussion

The moons of our Solar System have garnered quite a lot of attention in the last few years, especially pertaining…

1 year ago

Jupiter is up to 9% Rock and Metal, Which Means it Ate a lot of Planets in its Youth

Jupiter is composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. The amounts of each closely conform to the theoretical quantities in…

2 years ago

Ganymede Casts a Long Shadow Across the Surface of Jupiter

What is that large dark smudge on Jupiter’s side? It may remind you of a certain scene from the sci-fi…

2 years ago

This was Juno’s View on its 37th Flight Past Jupiter

As originally planned, Juno’s 37th close pass by Jupiter – called Perijove 37 – would have been its last. Per…

3 years ago

Juno Peers Beneath Jupiter’s Clouds to Reveal its Complex Atmosphere

Many papers are usually released at once for big space exploration missions. Usually, that happens when an entire batch of…

3 years ago