The IPCC Releases its 2022 Report on Climate Change, in Case you Needed Something Else to Worry About

The IPCC just released its Working Group II report, which addresses the impacts of Climate Change and the necessary adaptations.

1 year ago

A new Assessment of the World’s Climate is out. The News Isn’t Good

According to the recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, climate change is going to get significantly worse if we don't…

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Why Is Venus So Horrible?

Venus really sucks. It's as hot as an oven with a dense, poisonous atmosphere. But how did it get that…

8 years ago

Sobering IPCC Report: “Warming is Unequivocal”

Climate change is now affecting every continent and ocean says the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…

9 years ago

Arctic Melting Is Lasting Longer And Affecting More Ice: Study

The Arctic melt season is averaging five days longer with each passing decade, a new study by NASA and the┬áNational…

9 years ago