International Lunar Research Station (ILRS)

We've Entered a New Era: The Lunar Anthropocene

For almost half a century, the term "Anthropocene" has been informally used to describe the current geological epoch. The term…

2 months ago

Plants Could Grow in Lunar Regolith Using Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has shown how fertility can be boosted for plants grown in lunar soil.

3 months ago

Some Lunar Regolith is Better for Living Off the Land on the Moon

In a recent study, a geology professor developed a classification scheme for lunar regolith that could inform everything from base…

5 months ago

China Reveals Its Lunar Lander Design

China has released artist renditions of the spacecraft and lander module that will send the first taikonauts to the Moon.

6 months ago

Russia's Luna 25 Lander Crashed Into the Moon

On Saturday, Aug. 19th, Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft suffered an engine malfunction and crashed its lunar lander on the Moon's surface.

6 months ago

China Will Use Two Rockets to Put Humans on the Moon

At a recent summit, China revealed new details about its first crewed lunar mission scheduled for 2030, including schematics, graphics,…

7 months ago

If We Can Master Artificial Photosynthesis, We Can Thrive in Space

In a recent study, a team led by the University of Warwick propose a new type of life support system…

9 months ago

Glass Fibers in Lunar Regolith Could Help Build Structures on the Moon

After analyzing the samples returned by Chang'e-5, a team of Chinese scientists found glass fibers that could be used to…

10 months ago

China Tests a Stirling Engine in Orbit

China just tested a Sterling thermoelectric converter aboard their space station, a technology that could be the future of space…

11 months ago

China Hints at its Goals for a Lunar Base

At a recent national space conference, scientists with the Chinese Academy of Sciences shared the objectives for the planned International…

11 months ago