Ingenuity Helicopter

Perseverance Watches Carefully as Ingenuity Lifts Off for its 47th Flight

In some of the best footage yet, the Perseverance rover has taken new video of the Ingenuity helicopter taking off…

2 weeks ago

Ingenuity is Doing Surprisingly Well

After months of extreme cold, NASA's Ingenuity helicopter appears to be back in working order.

1 month ago

Mars Ingenuity Kicks up a Surprising Amount of Dust Every Time it Lands

Based on all the dust Ingenuity helicopter kicked up, a team of researchers has completed the first real-world study of…

2 months ago

The Future of Mars Exploration Belongs to Helicopters

Even though there's no firm date for a Mars sample return mission, the Perseverance rover is busy collecting rock samples…

5 months ago

A Small Piece of “Foreign Object Debris” Fell off Ingenuity’s Leg During its 33rd Flight

We hope this is just as inconsequential as having a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe, but images…

6 months ago

The Mars Sample Return Mission Will Take Two Helicopters to the Red Planet to Help Retrieve Samples

NASA’s upcoming Mars Sample Return mission plan just received a glow-up: it will now carry a pair of twin helicopters,…

8 months ago

Ingenuity has Lost its Sense of Direction, but It’ll Keep on Flying

Things are getting challenging for the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. The latest news from Håvard Grip, its chief pilot, is…

10 months ago

Martian Dust is Starting to Darken Ingenuity’s Solar Panels

Like every solar-panel-powered vehicle on Mars, maintaining electrical power always becomes an issue at some point in the mission. Last…

11 months ago

Ingenuity is now Scouting Ahead of Perseverance, Helping it Navigate Difficult Terrain

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is providing scientists a look at what is on the road ahead for the Perseverance rover.…

11 months ago

Amazing! Ingenuity Helicopter Flies to the Perseverance Backshell and Parachute to See Them Close Up

You may recall we reported earlier this month that the Perseverance rover finally spotted its parachute and backshell off in…

11 months ago