Want to Leave the Solar System? Here’s a Route to Take

The edge of the Solar System is defined by the heliosphere and its heliopause. The heliopause marks the region where…

2 months ago

Solar Sails Could Reach Mars in Just 26 Days

A recent study submitted to Acta Astronautica explores the potential for using aerographite solar sails for traveling to Mars and…

8 months ago

This is What the Solar System Really Looks Like

At first glance, it looks like something from an alien autopsy. A strange organ cut from a xenomorph's thorax, under…

4 years ago

What Voyager 2 Learned After Spending a Year in Interstellar Space

Only two of humanity's spacecraft have left the Solar System: NASA's Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Voyager 1 left the…

5 years ago

NASA Voyager Probes Still Going Strong After 40 Years

The Voyager probes, humanity's longest-running and farthest-reaching missions, are celebrating their 40th anniversaries this summer!

7 years ago

Forget Mars, Now You Can Kickstart an Antimatter Propulsion System to Another Star!

Dr, Gerald Jackson and Hbar Technologies LLC are looking to crowdsource the creation of the world's first antimatter engine!

8 years ago

Voyager 1 Breaking Through the Borders of the Solar System

After almost 35 years traveling at over 35,000 mph, the venerable (and still operational!) Voyager 1 spacecraft is truly breaking…

12 years ago

Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System

[/caption] The barrier at the edge of our Solar System may not be the smooth shield that scientists once thought.…

13 years ago