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Snowball Exoplanets Might Be Better for Life Than We Thought

When astronomers discover a new exoplanet, one of the first considerations is if the planet is in the habitable zone,…

4 months ago

NASA Promised More Smaller, Earth-size Exoplanets. TESS is Delivering.

When NASA launched TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) in 2018, it had a specific goal. While its predecessor, the Kepler…

5 months ago

Saltwater Similar to the Earth’s Oceans has been Seen on Europa. Another Good Reason Why We Really Need to Visit This Place

Jupiter's moon Europa is an intriguing world. It's the smoothest body in the Solar System, and the sixth-largest moon in…

6 months ago

It Looks Like Plate Tectonics Aren’t Required to Support Life

According to a new study, it is possible that extra-solar planets with no plate tectonics might be capable of supporting…

1 year ago

Was There a Time When the Moon was Habitable?

According to a new study by a European team, the Moon may have been habitable during two periods in the…

1 year ago

X-ray Study Shows Older Stars May be More Supportive to Life

A new study by an international team of researchers indicates that older Sun-like stars emit less harmful X-rays, a finding…

2 years ago

Detection of Mineral on Mars Bolsters Argument that Mars was Once Habitable

The discovery of boron on Mars, a key ingredient in the emergence of organic molecules, has bolstered the case for…

2 years ago

Turns Out, Mars Sucks Even Worse Than We Knew

One of the most significant finds to come from our ongoing exploration and research efforts of Mars is the fact…

2 years ago

Are Drylanders The Minority On Habitable Worlds?

We assume that habitable exoplanets will have significant land masses, because that's what we have on Earth. Are we wrong?

3 years ago

Venus 2.0 Discovered In Our Own Back Yard

A team of international astronomers recently found the closest thing to a "Venus-like" planet in a nearby star system, which…

3 years ago