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Blankets of Silica Aerogel Could Make Parts of Mars Habitable

The idea of somehow terra-forming Mars to make it more habitable is a visionary, sci-fi dream. But though global terra-forming…

1 year ago

Theory proposes that Venus could have been habitable, but a large ocean slowed down its rotation, killing it

A new study supported by NASA has revealed that an ancient ocean on Venus might have been what slowed down…

1 year ago

Uh oh, Mars Doesn’t Have Enough Carbon Dioxide to be Terraformed

According to a new NASA-supported study, Mars does not have enough carbon dioxide to undergo the terraforming process

2 years ago

What Causes Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a major issue facing us Earthlings, and knowing its causes (both natural and man-made) is a key…

4 years ago

How Do We Terraform Venus?

Given its similarities to Earth, there are many who believe we should terraform Venus, making it live up to its…

4 years ago

Why Is Venus So Horrible?

Venus really sucks. It's as hot as an oven with a dense, poisonous atmosphere. But how did it get that…

6 years ago

Warm, Flowing Water on Mars Was Episodic, Study Suggests

Though the surface of Mars is a dry, dessicated and bitterly cold place today, it is strongly believed that the planet once…

6 years ago

Carbon Impacts Planetary Atmospheric Formation

It might be common, but carbon could have a huge impact in the formation and evolution of a planet's atmosphere.…

7 years ago

New Research Finds Venus’ Winds, They Are A-Changin’

  [/caption] Venus, Earth's hotheaded neighbor, may have more variability in its weather patterns than previously believed. Using infrared data…

9 years ago

Mars’ Underground Atmosphere

[/caption] Scientists have spotted an underground reservoir near Mars' south pole the size of Lake Superior… except that this lake…

9 years ago