Great Red Spot

It's Time for Jupiter's Annual Checkup by Hubble

Each year, the Hubble Space Telescope focuses on the giant planets in our Solar System when they're near the closest…

2 months ago

Juno Peers Beneath Jupiter’s Clouds to Reveal its Complex Atmosphere

Many papers are usually released at once for big space exploration missions. Usually, that happens when an entire batch of…

3 years ago

Wind Speeds in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot are Picking up

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter - the largest storm in the solar system - has been raging for centuries.…

3 years ago

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has a Dark Secret. It Feeds on Smaller Storms

Jupiter's Great Red Spot - the largest and most powerful of all the storms in the solar system - has…

3 years ago

The Newest Picture of Jupiter and Europa Captured by Hubble

The venerable Hubble Space Telescope has given us another gorgeous picture of Jupiter and its moon Europa. The incredibly sharp…

4 years ago

Spacecraft and Ground Telescopes Work Together to Give us Stunning New Pictures of Jupiter

It's difficult to imagine the magnitude of storms on Jupiter. The gas giant's most visible atmospheric feature, the Great Red…

4 years ago

Artwork Inspired by Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Artist Mik Petter has created a vibrant new piece of art based on JunoCam images of Jupiter's Great Red Spot…

4 years ago

Is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Vanishing as We Near Opposition 2019?

Jupiter observation season is neigh, and with it, the largest planet in our solar system is as mysterious as ever.

5 years ago

JunoCam Wows Us Again With Detailed Images of the Great Red Spot

Dazzling images from the JunoCam show the intricate detail of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Is the Solar System's longest-lived storm…

6 years ago

Jupiter’s Atmospheric Bands Go Surprisingly Deep

Three new studies have been released based on Juno data that have revealed new things about Jupiter's atmospheric bands and…

6 years ago