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Great Red Spot

Is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Vanishing as We Near Opposition 2019?

Jupiter observation season is neigh, and with it, the largest planet in our solar system is as mysterious as ever.

9 months ago

JunoCam Wows Us Again With Detailed Images of the Great Red Spot

Dazzling images from the JunoCam show the intricate detail of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Is the Solar System's longest-lived storm…

1 year ago

Jupiter’s Atmospheric Bands Go Surprisingly Deep

Three new studies have been released based on Juno data that have revealed new things about Jupiter's atmospheric bands and…

2 years ago

Juno Finds that Jupiter’s Gravitational Field is “Askew”

The Juno probe has peered deeper into Jupiter's atmosphere than ever before, which has indicated that its magnetic field is…

2 years ago

Here They are! New Juno Pictures of the Great Red Spot

Juno made history the other day when it conducted the closest pass in history to Jupiter's Great Red Spot, and…

3 years ago

Hubble Takes Advantage Of Opposition To Snap Jupiter

During the month of April, 2017, Jupiter will make its closest approach to Earth, allowing for some prime viewing opportunities…

3 years ago

By Jove: Jupiter at Opposition 2017

Been missing the evening planets? Currently, Saturn and Venus rule the dawn, and Mars is sinking into the dusk as…

3 years ago

How Big is the Great Red Spot?

Jupiter’s iconic Great Red Spot is a huge cyclonic storm big enough to swallow the Earth. But it’s been getting…

4 years ago

Juno Transmits 1st Orbital Imagery after Swooping Arrival Over Jovian Cloud Tops and Powering Up

NASA’s newly arrived Jovian orbiter Juno has transmitted its first imagery since reaching orbit last week on July 4 after…

4 years ago

Hubble Sees Changes in Jupiter’s Red Spot, a Weird Wisp and Rare Waves

Jupiter global map created from still images from the Hubble Space Telescope It's been widely reported,  including at Universe Today, that…

4 years ago