Gravitational Waves

Astronomers Have Never Detected Merging Supermassive Black Holes. That Might Be About to Change

A new study suggests that pulsars could act as natural gravitational wave sensors, setting limits on supermassive black hole mergers…

10 months ago

We Might Soon Detect the Gravitational Waves from Dying Stars

Researchers have discovered an exciting new source of gravitational waves. They are the remnants left over from a supernova explosion,…

10 months ago

When Black Holes Merge, They'll Ring Like a Bell

How a merged black hole rings as it settles into a stable form holds clues to a better understanding of…

11 months ago

LISA Will Be a Remarkable Gravitational-Wave Observatory. But There’s a Way to Make it 100 Times More Powerful

A team of researchers with the ESA propose an upgrade for the LISA mission (LISAMax), which could revolutionize gravitational wave…

12 months ago

Gravitational Waves From Colliding Neutron Stars Matched to a Fast Radio Burst

A recent study by an Australian-American team has provided compelling evidence that FRBs may be caused by merging neutron stars.

1 year ago

Gravitational Wave Observatories Could Search for Warp Drive Signatures

A new study shows how gravitational wave observatories could be used to search for technosignatures throughout the galaxy

1 year ago

Shortly Before They Collided, two Black Holes Tangled Spacetime up Into Knots

An international team led from Cardiff University has confirmed that black hole binaries experience precession.

2 years ago

Two Stars Orbiting Each Other Every 51 Minutes. This Can’t End Well

We don't have to worry too much about our Sun. It can burn our skin, and it can emit potent…

2 years ago

Binary Stars Live Complicated Lives, Especially Near the End

We know what will happen to our Sun. It'll follow the same path other stars of its ilk follow. It'll…

2 years ago

Colliding Black Holes Provide Another way to Measure Distance in the Universe

Astronomers can use the gravitational waves of merging black holes to measure cosmic expansion.

2 years ago