gravitational waves; LIGO

When Neutron Stars Collide, the Explosion is Perfectly Spherical

Kilonova explosions are almost perfectly spherical, which could help us study cosmic expansion.

1 year ago

The Kilonova-Chasing Gravitational-Wave Optical Transient Observer is About to be Watching the Whole Sky

Lately there has been a flood of interest in gravitational waves.  After the first official detection at LIGO / Virgo…

3 years ago

Astronomers Just Detected Either the Least Massive Black Hole, or a Strange and Massive Neutron Star

Somewhere around 2.5 solar masses is the line between black holes and neutron stars. Now we've found an object right…

4 years ago

LIGO Will Squeeze Light To Overcome The Quantum Noise Of Empty Space

LIGO is so sensitive it can hear the quantum fluctuations of a vacuum. But by squeezing light it can make…

4 years ago

Gravitational Waves Might be the Key to Finding Dark Matter

Exotic dark matter theories. Gravitational waves. Observatories in space. Giant black holes. Colliding galaxies. Lasers. If you're a fan of…

6 years ago

LISA is On! Gravitational Wave Detection is Going to Space

The ESA recently decided to move forward with its LISA mission, a trio of satellites that will be the first…

7 years ago

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Gravitational Waves

[/caption] Gravitational waves have some similar properties to light. They move at the same speed in a vacuum - and…

13 years ago