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gravitational waves; LIGO

LIGO Will Squeeze Light To Overcome The Quantum Noise Of Empty Space

LIGO is so sensitive it can hear the quantum fluctuations of a vacuum. But by squeezing light it can make…

16 hours ago

Gravitational Waves Might be the Key to Finding Dark Matter

Exotic dark matter theories. Gravitational waves. Observatories in space. Giant black holes. Colliding galaxies. Lasers. If you're a fan of…

1 year ago

LISA is On! Gravitational Wave Detection is Going to Space

The ESA recently decided to move forward with its LISA mission, a trio of satellites that will be the first…

2 years ago

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Gravitational Waves

[/caption] Gravitational waves have some similar properties to light. They move at the same speed in a vacuum - and…

8 years ago