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We Could Soon See Landslides on Europa and Ganymede

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) recently launched Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission and NASA's upcoming Europa Clipper mission could…

1 year ago

Scientists Examine Geological Processes of Monad Regio on Neptune’s Largest Moon, Triton

In a recent study submitted to the journal Icarus, a team of researchers at the International Research School of Planetary…

1 year ago

There's a Giant Magma Plume on Mars, Bulging the Surface out Across a Vast Region

Scientists find more evidence that a magma plume could exist beneath Elysium Planitia, proving Mars might still be volcanically active

2 years ago

The Pacific Ocean Will be Gone in 300 Million Years as the World's Continents Drift and Combine

A new study determined that the world's next supercontinent, "Amasia," will form between two and three hundred million years.

2 years ago

Giant Meteor Impacts Might Have Triggered Early Earth’s Plate Tectonics

A new study by an Australian-US team has found that a large impact that happened ca. 3.2 billion years ago…

5 years ago

Strange Landscapes on Mars were Created by Explosive Volcanoes

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University, Mars' Medusa Fossae region was created by volcanic activity, a finding…

6 years ago

Researchers Think They Know Why Venus Doesn’t Have as Many Volcanoes as Earth

A new study by researchers from St. Andrews University and the University of Strasbourg has shed light on why Venus…

7 years ago

Mercury Is Tectonically Active & Shrinking

Images taken by the MESSENGER spacecraft have shown features on Mercury's surface that indicate that the planet is still tectonically…

8 years ago

Where Should We Look for Life in the Solar System?

Emily Lakdawalla is the senior editor and planetary evangelist for the Planetary Society. She's also one of the most knowledgeable…

11 years ago