Gaia spacecraft

The Milky Way Broke one of its Arms

The Milky Way galaxy is our home, and yet in some ways, it is the least understood galaxy. One of…

3 months ago

Gaia Might Even be Able to Detect the Gravitational Wave Background of the Universe

Data from the Gaia satellite is so precise, it might be able to detect cosmic gravitational waves.

7 months ago

What Are Extrasolar Planets?

For countless generations, human beings have looked out at the night sky and wondered if they were alone in the…

10 months ago

Astronomers Improve Their Distance Scale for the Universe. Unfortunately, it Doesn't Resolve the Crisis in Cosmology

Astronomers have made the cosmic distant ladder more accurate, but that has only made the mystery of cosmic expansion even…

11 months ago

Some of the Milky Way’s oldest stars aren’t where they’re expected to be

Some of the oldest stars in our galaxy have orbits similar to the Sun, and we don't know why

1 year ago

Gaia has Already Given Us 5 New Insights Into the Milky Way

The European Space Agency launched the Gaia mission in 2013. The mission's overall goal was to discover the history of…

1 year ago

Thanks to a Massive Release from Gaia, we now Know Where 1.7 BILLION Stars are in the Milky Way

Thanks to the second release of Gaia data, we now know the positions, distances and motions of 1.7 billion stars…

4 years ago

Chinese Astronomers Spot Two New Hypervelocity Stars

A team of Chinese astronomers has just discovered two new hypervelocity stars, a rare type of star that is still…

4 years ago

The Orbit of Earth will be Hiding Earth 2.0

According to a new study by a Russian scientist, the Sun's own motion around the Solar System's center of mass…

4 years ago

Now We Know When Stars Will Be Passing Through the Oort Cloud

Based on data provided by the Gaia mission, a new study has indicated when close encounters will take place between…

4 years ago