Expansion of the Universe

Black Hole-Neutron Star Collisions Could Finally Settle the Different Measurements Over the Expansion Rate of the Universe

If you've been following developments in astronomy over the last few years, you may have heard about the so-called "crisis…

2 years ago

The Average Temperature of the Universe has Been Getting Hotter and Hotter

A recent study by an international team of scientists shows that the Universe is getting hotter (not cooler) with time!

2 years ago

A New Telescope is Ready to Start Searching for Answers to Explain Dark Energy

Back in 2015, construction began on a new telescope called the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). Later this year, it…

3 years ago

New Telescope Instrument Will Watch the Sky with 5,000 Eyes

Dark Energy is the mysterious force driving the expansion of the Universe. We don't know what dark energy is, even…

3 years ago

Subaru Telescope Sees 1800 Supernovae

Japanese astronomers have captured images of an astonishing 1800 supernovae. 58 of these supernovae are the scientifically-important Type 1a supernovae…

4 years ago

How Fast is the Universe Expanding? Hubble and Gaia Team Up to Conduct the Most Accurate Measurements to Date

A new study used data from both Hubble and Gaia in order to obtain the most precise measurements of cosmic…

5 years ago

New Explanation for Dark Energy? Tiny Fluctuations of Time and Space

A new study by a team of researchers from UBC proposes a new vision of Dark Energy, where fluctuations in…

6 years ago

What Are Cosmic Voids?

We talked about the biggest structures in the Universe, but what about the opposite? The biggest empty spaces in the…

6 years ago

Dark Energy Illuminated By Largest Galactic Map Ten Years In The Making

After a decade of research, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey has released the most detailed 3D map of the Universe…

7 years ago

Professor Stephen Hawking Intends To Map The Known Universe

At the upcoming Starmus science conference, Professor Stephen Hawking will unveil the most ambitious plan to map the known universe…

7 years ago