Europa Clipper

New Photos Show Jupiter’s Tiny Moon Amalthea

NASA’s Juno spacecraft spies a tiny inner moon of Jupiter, Amalthea.

2 months ago

A Single Grain of Ice Could Hold Evidence of Life on Europa and Enceladus

The Solar System's icy ocean moons are primary targets in our search for life. Missions to Europa and Enceladus will…

4 months ago

Europa Might Not Be Able to Support Life in its Oceans

Can Europa’s massive, interior ocean contain the building blocks of life, and even support life as we know it? This…

4 months ago

This is Europa Clipper’s Version of the Golden Record

The Voyager spacecraft carried on board a plethora of scientific instruments but attached to the side was a golden record.…

4 months ago

Europa Clipper Could Help Discover if Jupiter's Moon is Habitable

Since 1979, when the Voyager probes flew past Jupiter and its system of moons, scientists have speculated about the possibility…

8 months ago

Should We Send Humans to Europa?

Universe Today recently examined the potential for sending humans to the planet Venus despite its extremely harsh surface conditions. But…

8 months ago

NASA Tests a Prototype Europa Lander

NASA engineers are testing a prototype for a Europa Lander, which will search the surface of Jupiter's icy moon for…

8 months ago

NASA’s Europa Clipper Taking “Message in a Bottle” to Jupiter

NASA believes in getting the public excited about space, and they’re carrying on this tradition by recently announcing that space…

1 year ago

We Could Soon See Landslides on Europa and Ganymede

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) recently launched Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission and NASA's upcoming Europa Clipper mission could…

1 year ago

Europa’s Ice Rotates at a Different Speed From its Interior. Now We May Know Why

Jupiter’s moon, Europa, contains a large ocean of salty water beneath its icy shell, some of which makes it to…

1 year ago