electromagnetic radiation

Astronomy Cast Ep. 465: Exploiting Interfering Light

Electromagnetic radiation, also known as "light" is pretty handy for astronomers. They can use it to directly and indirectly observe…

6 years ago

Could Space Travelers Melt As They Accelerate Through Deep Space?

According to a new study by researchers from Brazil, objects accelerating through space could be subject to increased radiation exposure.

7 years ago

Protecting Juno’s Heart

Each new probe we launch into space follows a finely-tuned, predetermined trajectory that opens up a new avenue of understanding…

8 years ago

Radio Waves

[/caption] Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, or electromagnetic radiation, with wavelengths of about a centimeter or longer (the boundary is…

14 years ago

Gamma Waves

"Gamma wave" is not, strictly speaking, a standard scientific term … at least not in physics, and this is rather…

14 years ago