Black Holes: Why study them? What makes them so fascinating?

Over the last few months, Universe Today has explored a plethora of scientific fields, including impact craters, planetary surfaces, exoplanets,…

2 weeks ago

First Light from Einstein Probe: A Supernova Remnant

On 9 January 2024, the Einstein probe was launched, its mission to study the night sky in X-rays. The first…

2 months ago

NASA’s Roman Mission Might Tell Us if the Universe Will Tear Itself Apart in the Future

NASA's Nancy Gracy Roman Space Telescope won't launch until 2027, and it won't start operating until some time after that.…

2 years ago

What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

More than a century after he first proposed it, Einstein's Theory of Relativity is still foundational to our understanding of…

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Gravitational Astronomy? How Detecting Gravitational Waves Changes Everything

We’ve now had multiple detections of gravitational waves, opening up a whole new field: gravitational astronomy. We talk about the…

7 years ago

What Happens When Black Holes Collide?

Black holes are the most impressive objects in the Universe, but when happens when they crash into each other is…

8 years ago

The 2016 Nobel Prize In Physics: It’s Complicated

This year's Nobel Prize in physics is expected to be be conferred on the three scientists who invented the process…

8 years ago

Second Gravitational Wave Source Found By LIGO

With the announcement of the second detection of elusive gravitational waves, scientists hope this is just the beginning of a…

8 years ago

New ‘Einstein Ring’ Discovered By Dark Energy Camera

A rare object called an Einstein Ring has been discovered by a team in the Stellar Populations group at the…

8 years ago

What if a Black Hole Met an Antimatter Black Hole?

Would shooting a black hole into an antimatter black hole destroy them both? (more…)

9 years ago