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The Evidence is Leaning More and More Towards an Asteroid Ending the Dinosaurs

Which camp are you in: volcanoes? Or asteroids? When it comes to the extinction of the dinosaurs, science has whittled…

5 months ago

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Hit in Exactly the Wrong Place

A new BBC documentary called "The Day The Dinosaurs Died" explains how things might have been different for the dinosaurs…

3 years ago

New Study Wants To Rip T-Rex From Its Place On Dino Tree

If the results in a new study are accepted, the dinosaur family tree will be getting overhauled.

3 years ago

Mammals Were Already Flourishing When The Axe Fell On The Dinosaurs

Mammals were well on their way to dominance long before an asteroid strike was the death-blow for dinosaurs.

4 years ago

Questioning the Impact Theory: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

About sixty five and a half million years ago, the Earth suffered its largest known cosmic impact. An asteroid or…

6 years ago

When Everything On Earth Died

[/caption] Hey, remember that one time when 90% of all life on Earth got wiped out? I don't either. But…

8 years ago

K-T Boundary

[/caption]What killed the dinosaurs? That's a question that has puzzled paleontologists since dinosaurs were first discovered. Maybe the global climate…

11 years ago