A New Mass Extinction has been Discovered, Wiping Out Life 233 Million Years Ago, and Leading to the Rise of the Dinosaurs

Most everybody knows that the dinosaurs perished rapidly in a tumultuous extinction, caused by an asteroid strike about 66 million…

4 years ago

It Was Almost Certainly an Asteroid Impact that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs. In Fact, Volcanoes Might Have Helped Life Recover

It seems almost certain that an asteroid impact wiped out the dinosaurs. But only almost. Another competing theory won't completely…

4 years ago

The Evidence is Leaning More and More Towards an Asteroid Ending the Dinosaurs

Which camp are you in: volcanoes? Or asteroids? When it comes to the extinction of the dinosaurs, science has whittled…

4 years ago

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Hit in Exactly the Wrong Place

A new BBC documentary called "The Day The Dinosaurs Died" explains how things might have been different for the dinosaurs…

7 years ago

New Study Wants To Rip T-Rex From Its Place On Dino Tree

If the results in a new study are accepted, the dinosaur family tree will be getting overhauled.

7 years ago

Mammals Were Already Flourishing When The Axe Fell On The Dinosaurs

Mammals were well on their way to dominance long before an asteroid strike was the death-blow for dinosaurs.

8 years ago

Questioning the Impact Theory: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

About sixty five and a half million years ago, the Earth suffered its largest known cosmic impact. An asteroid or…

9 years ago

When Everything On Earth Died

[/caption] Hey, remember that one time when 90% of all life on Earth got wiped out? I don't either. But…

12 years ago

K-T Boundary

[/caption]What killed the dinosaurs? That's a question that has puzzled paleontologists since dinosaurs were first discovered. Maybe the global climate…

15 years ago