A Nebula that Extends its Hand into Space

The Gum Nebula is an emission nebula almost 1400 light-years away. It's home to an object known as "God's Hand"…

3 weeks ago

Citizen Scientists Find Fifteen “Active Asteroids”

Nature often defies our simple explanations. Take comets and asteroids, for example. Comets are icy and have tails; asteroids are…

2 months ago

This is a 1.3 Gigapixel Image of a Supernova Remnant

Stars more massive than the Sun blow themselves to pieces at the end of their life. Usually leaving behind either…

2 months ago

There's So Much Going on in This Star-Forming Nebula

Look at this beautiful image of the Lupus 3 star-forming interstellar cloud captured by the Dark Energy Camera.

1 year ago

The Dark Energy Camera Captures the Remains of an Ancient Supernova

The first written record of a supernova comes from Chinese astrologers in the year 185. Those records say a 'guest…

1 year ago

The Dark Energy Camera has Captured a Million Images, an Eighth of the Entire sky. Here are Some of its Best Pictures so far

The Dark Energy Survey recently released 15 images that showcase the types of objects it viewed during the six-year campaign.

2 years ago

On its Hunt for Dark Energy, a Telescope Stopped to Look at the Lobster Nebula

It takes a wide view to study dark energy, which also gives us a great look at some nebulae.

2 years ago

The Search for Dark Energy Just Got Easier

Since the early 20th century, scientists and physicists have been burdened with explaining how and why the Universe appears to…

10 years ago