Decadal Survey

We Have the Technology to Retrieve a Sample From an Interstellar Object Like Oumuamua

A white paper submitted to the 2023 - 2032 Decadal Survey recommends we create spacecraft that could rendezvous and take…

1 year ago

Dream About the Future of Big Telescopes; Monster Space Telescopes That Could Fly by the 2030s

At the recent 2020 Decadal Survey for Astrophysics, four next-generation space telescopes were selected for future development

3 years ago

The Next Pluto Mission: An Orbiter and Lander?

For decades, we could only imagine what the view of Pluto’s surface might be. Now, we have the real thing.…

4 years ago

Where to Next? Decadal Survey Prioritizes Future Planetary Missions

[/caption] The planetary science community has released their “Decadal Survey” a set of recommendations and a wish list of future…

11 years ago